Friday 27 April 2018

Mordheim ruins !

Hello folks, here I am again, this time with more fantasy stuff, Mordheim scenery! My God, I love this game, In the near future I will post a pair of warbands I am working it (besides my XVII century project).

In this game you need a lot of scenery If you want to play properly or release its full potential, so I built a ruined corner from scratch, using some bits from the fortified manor (GW) and used a 1/35 Miniart's Normandy diorama, heavily converted to be a fantasy ruined house with wooden sticks, some plastic bits etc. I think it fits perfectly with 28mm miniatures.

here are some WIP photos, the process is the same used with the GW Fortified Manor;

-Airbrush the colours
-block the main colours with the brush
-washes (oil/enamel filters, oil fading, streaking grime, pin washes...)
-drybrush and highlights
-basing materials

I hope you like them

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