Saturday 30 July 2022

XVII c. Marksman: sniper for the Tercio!

 Hi guys!

I hope your summer is going fine, despite this terrible hot weather...  now I continue in my Pike and Shot mood, so  I am slowly (as always) building a small warband of  a Spanish Tercio for skirmish games such as Donnybrook, or our modification of Mordheim, adapted to 30 Years War. 

Last month I painted Captain Alatriste, using a miniature from "Anno Domini 1666" miniatures, you can see it in this blog in the last entry of June 2022. And  I also have the standard bearer from "Tercio Creativo", which I will show to you soon, and now I have painted a sniper or marksman, also from "Tercio Creativo".

This brand is a Spanish company which produces some good quality resin miniatures for their sci-fi and alt-historical games like “1650 a capa y a espada” a fantasy game set in an alternate world with some factions inspired in mid XVII C. Spanish and French.

I don’t play that game, but I really like how their miniatures look, and some of them are very useful for historical games 30 Years War style ! 

So this miniature is called “Zurriago” in their catalog, but currently is out of production, but probably will be for sale soon. 

I instantly fell in love with the oversized heavy musket and the aesthetic of the miniature, the sculpt is very good, with no flash or bubles... so with those merits he is now the marksman of my warband or little skirmishes force. 

As you can see, it’s full of little details (very time consuming to paint). I painted him mostly in Foundry paints triads, I specifically like their brownish shades like conquer brown, buff leather, and dark African flesh, also use Vallejo paints, and this time, I resorted to Citadel Rakarth Flesh for the shirt of the soldier. In past times I used only citadel (from 2000 onwards) but their tendency to dry out inside the pot made my change my paint range to other paints.

The varnish is my new favorite matt varnish; Green Stuff World ultra matt varnish!

I hope you like the finish result :)

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Battalion gun for Tercio Morados Viejos

 Hello friends,

I hope your summer is going great! After a week off, I came back home and finished an ad hoc base for a Tercio I painted some years ago... a battalion gun or "mansfelete" light gun of Tercio "Old Purples" or "Morados Viejos" for my Spanish army of 1670-90'.

I used an old Phoenix miniatures Spanish Musketeer, cut off his hands, musket etc, and replaced with GW plastic hands of artillery crew of the Empire great cannon! my Warhammer Empire bits box is extremely useful for all kind of medieval, renaissance or baroque miniature conversions.

The other artillery crew is a brand new Reiver Castings miniature from their nice Franco Dutch War range.

The battalion gun itself is a 15mm Napoleonic carriage with a 28mm gun from Blood & Plunder miniatures.

Both miniatures were painted with Foundry Paints and Vallejo, specially Royal Purple paint! 

And now the full unit: