Tuesday 31 October 2023

Warhammer Empire army is still growing: Knights of the White Wolf.

 Hi guys!

Just a quick update,  after some weeks painting ships, I went back to my origins, I am coming back to my good old Warhammer Empire army from 4th-5th edition , made up of old metal models, mostly, from 1992 range. Also painting some Tercios, but that will be shown in future posts.

I bought  some time ago some Knights of the White Wolf, and as I wanted to play with them quickly, I  commissioned them to a freelance painter, after he finished them, I re-touched them,  and re-painted here and there, added the flag, bases, varnished the models (matt in some areas and shiny in the armor of the rider and the horse) and that's it. Of course following the  original painting scheme by the 'eavy metal team back in the day.


Wednesday 4 October 2023

3D printed 1/200 Spanish galley XVII c.

 Hello guys,

Here I am again with more galleys. This time a 3D printed galley from Henry Turner miniatures 1/600 galley, scaled down to 1/1200.  

I printed also some smaller fustas or galiots, just scaling it down even more the original file with Anycubic Workshop app for the future.

The model comes with its base, and lucky me, it was exactly the same size of my other galley's bases in metal, by Ark Royal miniatures.  The base was too thin to leave it as it comes, so I glued it to a piece of plastic of a similar thickness of my other metal bases.

I substituted the 3d printed resin mast with a metal wire, and attached the sail. I still prefer the metal models than the 3d printed models, but this are quite nice , detailed and cheap, although more modelling skills are required, the material is a little bit brittle and the process is messy and smelly.

I painted the model with the same paints and style (basecoat, wash, a couple of highlights) as the other metal galleys from Ark Royal miniatures. The flags are again from Minairons, excellen quality and historically accurate.

The rigging is simplest possible, made with broom bristles following this tutorial


·3D Printed galley next to metal galley from Ark Royal miniatures

I hope you like them!