Tuesday 30 January 2024

Yet another classic 80' Chaos Warrrior

 Hello guys,

I painted this Chaos warrior of Nurgle in December, but with the Christmas holydays and a trip and other real life stuff, I did`nt manage to update the blog until now, late January 2024...

What to expect from this blog in the near future ?

Well, I am painting now some III c. Romans and I have played several games of Warhammer Quest, so some miniatures of fantasy will come here in the near future, some Sassanids too, and of course, my beloved XVII century stuff like 30 Years War and 1670-90' miniatures for sure.

Coming back to our Chaos warrior, It is a 1980' miniature by Citadel , of course.

I used Vallejo paints, Goblin Green with ivory in a lot of consecutive highlights in a "Foundry triad" style painting. 

As I don't play Chaos, this miniature, along the previous post's Chaos Warriors, is for Warhammer Quest games.

I hope you like this tiny update.