Thursday 30 November 2023

Oldhammer Chaos Warriors for Warhammer Quest

 Hi again guys,

I have just finished a couple of veeeery old Chaos Warriors from the eighties, I want them as enemies of the adventurers in Warhammer Quest. I will paint at least a couple more warriors , amongst them, the famous "Slambo" with his two axes... Here you have a catalog  with the miniatures, sadly I paid  more than the 1,95 pounds for 3 miniatures !

I am really having much fun playing Warhammer Quest lately and I desperately need more (painted) enemies to fighy with, and a random event card with 1D3 of 3Chaos Warriors will decide the game at certain points, or they can appear at the main room of the dungeon, protecting a Chaos wizard or something like that.

I am new to painting Chaos warriors and this kind of armor, I like more the result of the black armor using edge highlights of grey over black on the left warrior, but the full metal armor guy on the right wasn`t too bad, I painted him much quicker, also using drybrush with lighter shades of steel and silver paints by Vallejo Model Air. 

I really like the style of the Oldhammer miniatures, I know modern sculpted plastic Chaos warriors are bigger, better sculpted, with a lot of details... but I still love these models, maybe because of nostalgia or becuase they have a special flavour that modern 3d designed miniatures lack.. I don't know, but I will stick to these kind of models for my games, as long as my pocket can hold!

I hope you like this little update. Cheers!

Wednesday 29 November 2023

More Warhammer Empire classic halberdiers

 Hello guys,

As every year, from November to January, I enter somehow in a Fantasy mood and always paint Warhammer related stuff.  During the lasts weeks I have been playing classic Warhammer Quest (1995) with a friend, and next month I will have at last a game of Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition (aka. Herohammer or Middlehammer) with another friend, so I had to expand my Imperial forces.

My Altorf regiment of halberdiers had (until now) just 10 men, including command, so I have to strengthen it until 15 soldiers and later 20.

Here are the last 4 troopers available to recruit.

As you can see, these are classic monopose halberdiers, the first plastic miniatures available for the Empire in the early nineties. 

I painted them with Foundry paints (reds, blues, browns) and Vallejo model color and model air (flesh, blacks and metals) then ultra matt varnish for clothes and flesh, and shinny for the metal parts.  The shields were painted (all 20 shields at once)  a while ago with airbrush and masking tape, then shinny varnish, decal , very old decal!  then more shinny varnish and then matt varnish to seal it.

I hope you like them.

And the unit so far:


Tuesday 31 October 2023

Warhammer Empire army is still growing: Knights of the White Wolf.

 Hi guys!

Just a quick update,  after some weeks painting ships, I went back to my origins, I am coming back to my good old Warhammer Empire army from 4th-5th edition , made up of old metal models, mostly, from 1992 range. Also painting some Tercios, but that will be shown in future posts.

I bought  some time ago some Knights of the White Wolf, and as I wanted to play with them quickly, I  commissioned them to a freelance painter, after he finished them, I re-touched them,  and re-painted here and there, added the flag, bases, varnished the models (matt in some areas and shiny in the armor of the rider and the horse) and that's it. Of course following the  original painting scheme by the 'eavy metal team back in the day.


Wednesday 4 October 2023

3D printed 1/200 Spanish galley XVII c.

 Hello guys,

Here I am again with more galleys. This time a 3D printed galley from Henry Turner miniatures 1/600 galley, scaled down to 1/1200.  

I printed also some smaller fustas or galiots, just scaling it down even more the original file with Anycubic Workshop app for the future.

The model comes with its base, and lucky me, it was exactly the same size of my other galley's bases in metal, by Ark Royal miniatures.  The base was too thin to leave it as it comes, so I glued it to a piece of plastic of a similar thickness of my other metal bases.

I substituted the 3d printed resin mast with a metal wire, and attached the sail. I still prefer the metal models than the 3d printed models, but this are quite nice , detailed and cheap, although more modelling skills are required, the material is a little bit brittle and the process is messy and smelly.

I painted the model with the same paints and style (basecoat, wash, a couple of highlights) as the other metal galleys from Ark Royal miniatures. The flags are again from Minairons, excellen quality and historically accurate.

The rigging is simplest possible, made with broom bristles following this tutorial

·3D Printed galley next to metal galley from Ark Royal miniatures

I hope you like them!


Friday 22 September 2023

More Spanish war galleys 1/1200 for MAD FOR WAR

 Hi guys,

These days I`ve been painting more little XVII c. ships. I have added 2 more galleys  to my Spanish Mediterranean fleet, now I have 3 painted, and several more oared ships waiting in the painting queue, including a 3D printed galley as a test.

In just a week, I received a parcel from the UK with all the goodies from Ark Royal miniatures' ships, my order was: 5 medium and small galleons,  4 fustas (small galleys) and 2 lanternas/galeras capitanas or big galleys.  Barry Hilton also gifted me with a bergantin (very small galley) and a fireship. All very well detailed with no flash and clean sculpts 👍

all this plus their ratlines and masts with sails.

Coming back to my recently finished galleys, I tried to introduce subtle variations in colors, trying to keep as historically accurate as possible. Again I combined hand painted flags with paper flags from Minairons miniatures, I am pleased with the end result, given its small size. More soon!

The full "squadron" of galleys so far...

I hope you like them!

Monday 11 September 2023

MAD FOR WAR: Ark Royal miniatures 1/1200 Ships

 Hello there!

After a loooong summer break, I have come back into painting minis again.

I have been reading a book about a naval battle right off the coast of my town, the battle of Cartagena-Cabo de Gata in 1643. 

During a relief operation during the Barbary/Algerian siege of Oran, then in Spanish hands, a French fleet appeared off Cartagena,  French tried to sent fireships to the narrow bay of the port, but were beaten after some hours of fire from the port's  batteries. Then the French headed south and found the Spanish unprepared for battle.

The French fleet, superior in number and with better quality ships, (41 vs 25) made the Spanish fleet take refuge in the port of Cartagena. The casualties are not exctaly known, but the Spanish probably lost 2 sunk ships and 2 captured. The French lost 1 sunk ship and 4 fireships. The galleys closed the port to the French, who could not enter it. 

So I have been in the mood of XVIIc. sailing ships lately. I have just finished my small model ships, and also I am working on a list of actions and scenerarios to play with, all of them historical.

The models are, obviously from Ark Royal miniatures, by Warfare Miniatures/The League of Augsburg brand. In a previous post about ships and scales, I was thinking about painting and wargaming naval warfare in 1/600 or in 1/1200 scale and I was not sure which of the two scales to choose for the project... I finally opted for 1/1200, I think it fits better my needs of squadrons of 6-12 ships per side.

This ships are; and advice jacht, a war galley and a small galleon/frigate of 26 guns.

Advice Jacht:

War Galley:


I use plastic bases, painted in blue, and most important,  with AK interactive water gel over it.

paper flags re scaled by Lluis from Minairons. In this scale sometimes it is better to paint the flags on the metal flags casts in the ships. For instance for Dutch or French, as their flags are super easy to paint. But other navies with more difficult patterns are more complicated, so I will mix paper and metal painted flags.

The modelling and painting stages were very simple, but the tricky part was adding the simple rigging to the ship, and the photo etch ratlines (from the same brand! ).

There were a huge number of actions and battles of 80 Years War/ Thirty Years War and Franco Spanish War,  involving Spanish fleet, all three were interconected and often simultaneously. I recently read that no other navy in the world up to that time (and maybe ever!) had fought for so long , against so many powerful enemies at once.

In the decade of 1660 the Spanish navy declined for 30 years because of the lack of funds, This coincided in time with the admirable rise of the English, Dutch and French navies. It would not be until the beginning of the 18th century when Spanish naval power grew again until it was in the "top 3" in the world until Trafalgar.

My main interest nowadays is wargaming mostly early to mid XVII actions in this scale. I placed an order yesterday to get more little ships!

I hope you like them!

Friday 30 June 2023

Bolt Action Fallschirmjager for Sicily PART II FINAL

 Hello guys,

I finally managed to finish the entire squad of Artizan Fallschirmjager in Sicily 1943!

 As this is the second (and final part) of this squad, leave the link of the first post here:

These are fantastic Artizan Design miniatures, "Ramcke Brigade" Fallschirmjager, I think they are out of production nowadays. I painted them as Fallschirmjager Regiment 3 in Sicily, summer 1943, as their uniform was almost the same, tropical suit.

This is second part of the squad , painted in Vallejo and Foundry paints, using different shades of desert yellow ochre color in order to show the sun faded effect in the fabric.

The newly painted miniatures are these 6:

Now the full unit:

I will also paint a light anti tank rifle team from Perry Miniatures, the 2,8-cm-schwere PanzerbĂŒchse 41
a 28mm gun in 28mm scale (bad joke). I may add more Fallschirmjager to this German Army ( already have common Wehrmacht infantry, Hermann Göring Panzers)... I also have 3 Italian tanks, 2 painted (and posted in this blog)  and 1 unpainted, the Semovente 47/32 by Warlord Games, already built and primed. I hope to finish this army in 2023!