Thursday 30 November 2023

Oldhammer Chaos Warriors for Warhammer Quest

 Hi again guys,

I have just finished a couple of veeeery old Chaos Warriors from the eighties, I want them as enemies of the adventurers in Warhammer Quest. I will paint at least a couple more warriors , amongst them, the famous "Slambo" with his two axes... Here you have a catalog  with the miniatures, sadly I paid  more than the 1,95 pounds for 3 miniatures !

I am really having much fun playing Warhammer Quest lately and I desperately need more (painted) enemies to fighy with, and a random event card with 1D3 of 3Chaos Warriors will decide the game at certain points, or they can appear at the main room of the dungeon, protecting a Chaos wizard or something like that.

I am new to painting Chaos warriors and this kind of armor, I like more the result of the black armor using edge highlights of grey over black on the left warrior, but the full metal armor guy on the right wasn`t too bad, I painted him much quicker, also using drybrush with lighter shades of steel and silver paints by Vallejo Model Air. 

I really like the style of the Oldhammer miniatures, I know modern sculpted plastic Chaos warriors are bigger, better sculpted, with a lot of details... but I still love these models, maybe because of nostalgia or becuase they have a special flavour that modern 3d designed miniatures lack.. I don't know, but I will stick to these kind of models for my games, as long as my pocket can hold!

I hope you like this little update. Cheers!

Wednesday 29 November 2023

More Warhammer Empire classic halberdiers

 Hello guys,

As every year, from November to January, I enter somehow in a Fantasy mood and always paint Warhammer related stuff.  During the lasts weeks I have been playing classic Warhammer Quest (1995) with a friend, and next month I will have at last a game of Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition (aka. Herohammer or Middlehammer) with another friend, so I had to expand my Imperial forces.

My Altorf regiment of halberdiers had (until now) just 10 men, including command, so I have to strengthen it until 15 soldiers and later 20.

Here are the last 4 troopers available to recruit.

As you can see, these are classic monopose halberdiers, the first plastic miniatures available for the Empire in the early nineties. 

I painted them with Foundry paints (reds, blues, browns) and Vallejo model color and model air (flesh, blacks and metals) then ultra matt varnish for clothes and flesh, and shinny for the metal parts.  The shields were painted (all 20 shields at once)  a while ago with airbrush and masking tape, then shinny varnish, decal , very old decal!  then more shinny varnish and then matt varnish to seal it.

I hope you like them.

And the unit so far: