Monday 14 October 2019

My Warhammer Empire army so far

Hello guys!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts of this blog, I have been working for a few years in a personal project that made me very excited when I was a child; a painted Empire army of the 90s, with all that "landsknecht" and multicolored look. Thanks to Ebay and other second-hand platforms, I have been able to buy almost all the miniatures I wanted, and in recent times I have been painting an imperial force in order to play Warhammer, or better said, Oldhammer.

What you can see painted in the photo is what is painted to this day, I have other units in process, and other painted units that are NOT in the photo and that I will upload on another occasion:

so excluded in the photos are 
- painted Imperial plastic archers.
- painted Imperial plastic militia mixed with Mordheim figures.

In the photos you can see

- Karl Franz on griffon
- Grand Master of the Knights Panther
- Imperial sorcerer
- 10 halberdiers with command group (10 more to be painted)
- 10 crossbowmen with command group (two more to be painted)
- Grand Cannon with crew
- Hellblaster volley gun with crew
- 7 Reiksguard on foot with command group (3 more to be painted)
- Steam tank
- Empire War Wagon

what a heavy ball...

Mmm... Leonardo of Miragliano??

To the previous forces I have in the pipeline , to be added when they are painted (all metal)
-5 Panther Knights
-5 pistoliers
-10 handgunners
- another halberdier unit
-10 lancers with shield
- swordsman unit
-Halfling unit and hot pot!!!

As you can see, I still have work ahead... 



  1. Lovely work on these classic models!
    Best Iain

  2. Wonderful! Sadly though, it reminds me I have one languishing in the basement...

  3. I'm not a fan of Warhammer, but these soldiers amazed me 8)

    1. Many thanks!! The perry brothers did a great job with these sculpts.

  4. Fantastic work Jose. I love the 90s Warhammer models, especially the Empire.

  5. Great collection supported by top notch paintwork!
    Brings back careless times of high school - thanks for it! 😊

  6. What a fantastic army. Looks like the one in the old empire book

    1. Many thanks!! I have to update it, because I painted some new things :) Cheers