Wednesday 13 February 2019

Spanish mid-late XVII c. colour plates

Hi guys,

I wanted to write a post about old and new colour plates from various books and illustrators of this part of history.

Spanish tercios in Mid-Late XVII century:

Starting with Patrice Courcelle works,

Spanish troops mid XVII c. ensign and arquebussier (too colorful for my personal taste)

Spanish troops 1680-90, Pikeman, dragoon and musketeer

Now some Spanish tercios of Catalan origin in the Pyrinees fronts from Franco-Dutch war to League of Augsburg War 1672-1697:
(comments on the plates)

all the previous Tercios are recruited in Catalonia and Valencia (Kingdom of Aragon, Spain)

Next batch are from Jose María Bueno, old plates but nice anyway!

Pikeman 1668 Ceuta.

Spanish General in typical purple

Spanish Cavalry: left to right: Royal Lancers, Royal guard mounted, Dragoon, Dragoon and Cuirassier, mid/late XVIIc.

Musketeer 1668

Royal guards: Up Royal guard and Guardia Chamberga/Tercio de la Reina.
Down: Spanish Guards, German Guards and Mounted Lancer.

Spanish troops 1670-80'

Spanish Officer 1668, Ceuta.

Now from the  defunct magazine "Researching & Dragona", the Spanish army of  Naples.


From the same magazine, some flags of Italian campaign of 1693

and Italian troops from 1650.

and last from this magazine:

League of Augsburg War, Army of Flanders

1700 Walloon tercios

British Tercios fighting for Spain

From Osprey titles:

Spanish officer in Porto Bello, Panama.

Spanish tercios during the League of Augsburg War

Spanish troops during the 30 years siege of Ceuta

Fixed companies of Ceuta

Tercio Morados Viejos and Tercio de la Armada.

Color plates from Count of Clonard "Uniforms of the Spanish Army" and other XIX century plates:

Royal Guard of Felipe IV

Guardia Chamberga of Charles II

Provincial Tercios


Provincial Tercios

Provincial Tercios


Finally, some painting I really like about mid/late XVII c. Spanish tercios...

Spanish Flag bearer 1660-70'

Don Juan Jose of Austria in 1652, during the successful siege of Barcelona

And from Ferrer Dalmau:

Pikeman of Tercio de Asturias 1690

Spanish victory in the battle of Valenciennes 1656

Rocroi, el último tercio.

I hope you find it useful!


  1. Great collection of pictures. I'm painting up some 15mm 1690's Spanish this week. What colour would you paint their artillery and the artillerymen?

    1. Hi Ray! thank you, well there is no data on artillery uniforms prior to War of Spanish succession. I paint mine with no uniform and with blue uniforms with red cuffs and breeches (post 1700 uniform). I want to see your Spaniards!


  2. Fine!!! Just what you need!

  3. Great collection of plates, Jose. I've struggled to find decent images of standards for the Spanish army of the Nine Years War and early War of Succession. You wouldn't know of any good sources would you?

    1. Thank you! yes, you have them in "Spanish Armies of the League of Augsburg War" book, and also, for wargaming purposes, here:

      and here :

  4. Great plates, thank you for posting!

  5. This would be a great resource for the Pikemans Lament units . 😎

  6. Oh wow! Wow! WOW! Hurry up North Star and reissue the 1672 Spanish. Amazing stuff.

    1. hahahaha I hope Northstar will hear our desires! Thanks Colin.

  7. Can anyone advise which issue of Researching & Dragona the flags of the 1693 Italian campaign was taken from as well as the picture featuring the green & white flag with an officer and two soldiers? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi mate, I don´t remember the exact issue of the magazine, but I took the pictures from this blog:

      tha author of that blog passed away last year but I think he had several complete issues of the magazine, so just check it.

      Regarding the picture you asked, they are from the army of FLanders during the War of the League of Augsburg.