Friday 30 November 2018

Warhammer Empire update!

Hello guys,

I bring here some updates from my Empire army, I have been busy painting some fantasy stuff, and I managed to finish half regiment of Reiksguard foot knights, the other half is just primed in black, including command. I also painted a Grey Wizard from Warhammer Quest, who will be used as my battle wizard in my Empire force. Apart from that, nowadays I am building the Empire War Wagon, but its crew is in bare metal yet... so no War Wagon pics for now.  

And the Reiksguard!

5 finished, 5 more to go ! The shiny armour was airbrushed, and then washed, and finally highlighted with brush. And the shields were painted with airbrush, then satin varnished, I used old Citadel  Undead skull decals, I painted over the decals and added some letters inside the painted parchments (I am a really bad free hand design painter...).

I want to include a veeeeery old Steam Tank here.  In this blog there are pics of my other Steam Tank, the "Conqueror" in metal, from year 2001 I think...  Well, this one is the oldest of all Steam Tanks ever produced by Games Workshop. I painted it with Airbrush, oils and different acrylics by brush (Citadel, Vallejo...)

I hope you like it

Tuesday 27 November 2018

French command base, late XVII c.

Hi again mates,

I painted in 2016 a command base for my French Army ( I will showcase it here some day), I wanted to show a generic French general, but I got my inspiration from Marshall Turenne, one of the best generals of "Le Grand Siècle" who fought,  generally against Dutch, Imperial, Spanish... and rebel French during "La Fronde".   I use this base for games from 1668-1697... I know, I am stretching it too much.

The base is an oval renedra plastic base, I forgot to paint the edges in black! So I will do later. The miniatures are a mix of Front Rank, North Star 1672 and Warfare Miniatures. 

I painted the drummer in light grey, just because I am too lazy to paint the French royal livery... and I prefer the grey colour... I am sure he won't mind :P

The difference in the uniforms of the figures is because I wanted to depict several units reporting to their supreme commander. 

Now a closer look...

I hope you like it !

Monday 26 November 2018

Late Roman Watchtower

Hello again guys,

Almost a month since my last post... I will update the blog soon with some historics and Warhammer minis from these past few weeks. But this time a Western Roman Empire Watchtower from Grand Manner. I painted it a year ago, and I am quite pleased with the finished result and of course with the quality of the resin of this manufacturer... its pricey, even more when you order outside the UK, but well, it worths it 
It may be a center piece for any late antiquity or Dark Age gaming table, Saga or Impetus or Hail Caesar

I painted with Tamiya paints with my airbrush, the basecoat and highlights, after the airbursh work I used Vallejo and Citadel to paint all the details before the washes with oil paints, fading the colours and making some streaking grime in vertical surfaces.

After that, all the drybrush process, different shades of greys and beiges in the stones and shingles in the roof, and all the details highlighted.

Hope you like it !

work in progress