Tuesday 27 November 2018

French command base, late XVII c.

Hi again mates,

I painted in 2016 a command base for my French Army ( I will showcase it here some day), I wanted to show a generic French general, but I got my inspiration from Marshall Turenne, one of the best generals of "Le Grand Siècle" who fought,  generally against Dutch, Imperial, Spanish... and rebel French during "La Fronde".   I use this base for games from 1668-1697... I know, I am stretching it too much.

The base is an oval renedra plastic base, I forgot to paint the edges in black! So I will do later. The miniatures are a mix of Front Rank, North Star 1672 and Warfare Miniatures. 

I painted the drummer in light grey, just because I am too lazy to paint the French royal livery... and I prefer the grey colour... I am sure he won't mind :P

The difference in the uniforms of the figures is because I wanted to depict several units reporting to their supreme commander. 

Now a closer look...

I hope you like it !


  1. About! It is a small masterpiece! 8о

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