Thursday 30 July 2020

Bolt Action: Manchukuo's Type 94 Tankette

Hello guys,

some months ago I decided to paint a small force for Warlord Games' Bolt Action, a defense force of the Empire of Manchukuo.  I know it is a rare subject, but I liked the idea of an auxiliary army fighting bandits, Chinese or Soviets in the steppes of Far East, with cavalry, outdated equipment and such. I started the project with a plane, a Japanese fighter in Manchukuo's service, you can see it here:

And next miniature is a "tank" well, a tankette, a type 94, also of Japanese origin, we know Japan supplied Manchukuo with at least 10 of these vehicles throughout the war, amongst other vehicles, but I found this one was the nicest of all (imho).

The kit is in resin and metal, by Warlord Games, painted with Ammo Mig paints and weathered in the usual way of enamel washes, chipping and pigments. This time I think I did too much dusting on the vehicle, but it is not a big issue given the dusty and sandy terrain of the north China/Mongolian plains.

I downloaded a Manchukuo flag from the internet and added it to the tank, following the Japanese way of attaching flags to vehicles, in order to give some colour to the little model.  It's not my best paintjob, but I like it anyway.

I also like to use a picture of me with the vehicle painted, It is almost a tradition in this blog, so... here you have.


Monday 27 July 2020

Summer painting: Flames of War Sturer Emil (Stalingrad)

Hello guys,

Since late June I have not been painting too much, you know, summer in Spain is warm and it is beach time, also going out with friends, practice some sports... all that real life stuff that interrupts our hobby.

Nevertheless, I have been painting some random World War 2 stuff like this German tank destroyer, the "Sturer Emil" from Battlefront's Flames of War game,  I am slowly building a 1942 Panzerkompanie for Flames of War, Stalingrad themed, I also own a late war Panzerkompanie and an American and Russian armies.

I like to paint wargames tanks as If they were true scale models; with airbrush, oil washes, enamel washes, pigments, etc. I really enjoy weathering vehicles, I usually overdo this, but  mono colour tanks like this would be very boring with just its panzer grey paint applied.
For this one, I used paints from Ammo Mig range, very good quality products, I highly recommend them.

Sorry for the quality of the pics, I have a new iphone and I don't know how to use proper light for the photos with the new camera.

I have included a photo of me with the real vehicle in Kubinka tank museum in Moscow, in 2019.

Two prototypes of these tank destroyer (named after Max and Moritz) were built, both of which served on the Eastern Front. One vehicle was destroyed, the other captured at Stalingrad in January 1943, with 22 kill marks painted on the barrel (the one of my photo).

I hope to update soon again the blog with a Bolt Action tank (Manchukuoan Army) and Kriegsmarine stuff in 1/700 and Cruel Seas from Warlord games.