Monday 30 December 2019

Air support for Bolt Action: Manchukuo's Air force Nakajima KI-27

Hi guys,

This December I have been painting WW2 stuff, I saw MIDWAY in cinema and I was in Pacific War mood...  so I painted an old pre WW2 aircraft from Imperial Japanese Air Force,  a Nakajima Ki 27 fighter, but not serving the IJA, the fighter is in colours of Manchukuo's Air Force, you know, the Japanese controlled puppet state in Manchuria.

I had a very freak idea some time ago, building a Bolt Action army featuring Manchukuo forces against Chinese and Soviets, with cavalry, tanquettes and some infantry & support weapons... But when I saw this little 1/72 model kit, I fell in love instantly and decided to build it quickly! I bought this kit this month and built/painted it in a couple of weeks.

I also ordered a Japanese cavalry officer and a Type 94 tanquette from Warlord Games, in order to expand my "army", an army which consists today in a single aircraft :P

I painted the model with airbrush and Vallejo/Ammo Mig colours,  and then weathered with oils and pigments,  simple but effective IMHO, I hope you like it!