Tuesday 10 December 2019

28mm Late Roman "Funditores" or slingers

Hello guys,

This weekend I managed to finish a "unit" of slingers, called "Funditores" in the "Notitia Dignitatum" I also tried to reproduce the shield design from the mentioned Late Roman document.

The miniatures are plastic Gripping Beast Late Roman infantry box, but with some minor conversions,  I changed the heads (but one, with the nice Panonnian hat) with other plastic kit and a metal head from the same brand,  and used the hands with slings from Dark Age warriors box set and some metal bucklers from Old Glory, very easy!

The miniatures are based for Basic Impetus,  not so many miniatures needed and a lot of fun! I also can use them for Hail Caesar. 

I painted them in a simple colour scheme, red and white,  more tabletop level than showcase, but it is fine enough for me... I have a tendency to paint faster when painting plastic miniatures than metal ones.  Anyway the sculpts are fine, some details are a bit soft, like the sword or "spatha".

Here you have the minis:

I hope you like them!