Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Projects for 2019!

Hello all mates,

9 months have passed since I started this blog, In these months I have been posting miniatures painted by me, either recently or in the past few years.  In 2018 I have painted 77 miniatures (horses included)  in 28mm scale, plus scenery and some vehicles in various scales... (compared to 68 painted in 2017) This year I will try to beat my record!

What can you expect from this blog in the next months?  Well, I have several "active" projects (and several inactive too !) So here you have a little preview of what is going to come.


- I will finish a Spanish Tercio, the "old Yellows", Tercio Amarillos Viejos or Tercio of Burgos, so my late XVII century army will be expanded.

- I want to base a couple of units painted for me by the very talented Toby, from Artmaster Studio;  The French Guards/Gardes Fran├žaises (circa 1667-1680) and the Spanish Trozo de Extremadura/  Extremadura cavalry "regiment".

- Base and make "playable" my 30 years war armies, Spanish and Protestants.

- Weather my (half painted) Stalingrad Flames of War German Panzers! (I go to Stalingrad this summer, so my "hype" is increasing!

- Start painting any unit for the "War of Devolution" 1667-68 project, although I have already some valid units for this project. I want French King's Musketeers, more Spanish horse and foot for 1660', French/Scottish Dillon's Regiment, etc...

- Maybe starting a Portuguese army for their Restoration or Independence War, painting command groups for my existing TYW units with interesting English regiments from their Restoration period.

-Post more pics from my Late Roman and Sassanid Persian armies, and expanding them.

-this is an open list, probably I will add a high number of random posts of historical miniatures!­čśë

-Byzantines ??? When Aventine Miniatures decide to sell them, I definitely will buy them for my Army of Belisarius !


-Continue with my Warhammer Empire army:  War Wagon, Knights, Pistoliers, more infantry...

-Start an Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins army

-continue painting Warhammer Quest miniatures.

- Mordheim: finish my Reikland Warband, and start a new one!

-Painting more scenery (Tabletopworld!!) and scrachtbuilt.

-Warmaster 10mm miniatures? I had enough miniatures for at least an army of Orcs, and some Empire troops...

Some random preview pics of some things to come :

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Old school Greenskins (WH/ Warhammer Quest)

Hello everyone, I am still in a "fantasy mood", I have played two games of Warhammer Quest and frankly, It was veeeeery fun, we played with the role playing rules and we liked it a lot. So I have painted some examples of Orcs and Goblins for 2 purposes; Playing  Warhammer Quest with painted miniatures, and besides, starting an Orcs & Goblins army ( 5th or 6th edition).

In the previous post you saw one of my heroes, the Wizard, and now some of the evil guys. I have used early 90' plastics, some of them included with the boxed game, but I am collecting more miniatures, metal ones from the same period.

´ere we go!

common orc boy

common goblin

Black Orc

arrer boy

night goblin archer

plastic goblin fanatic

my first ever painted orc (some years ago) Big 'Uns in metal

Non GW orc, this is a Black Tree 28mm Orc, good value and nice miniatures.

My orc "army" So far... they will become an army, I hope, and a Mordheim band too !

Friday, 30 November 2018

Warhammer Empire update!

Hello guys,

I bring here some updates from my Empire army, I have been busy painting some fantasy stuff, and I managed to finish half regiment of Reiksguard foot knights, the other half is just primed in black, including command. I also painted a Grey Wizard from Warhammer Quest, who will be used as my battle wizard in my Empire force. Apart from that, nowadays I am building the Empire War Wagon, but its crew is in bare metal yet... so no War Wagon pics for now.  

And the Reiksguard!

5 finished, 5 more to go ! The shiny armour was airbrushed, and then washed, and finally highlighted with brush. And the shields were painted with airbrush, then satin varnished, I used old Citadel  Undead skull decals, I painted over the decals and added some letters inside the painted parchments (I am a really bad free hand design painter...).

I want to include a veeeeery old Steam Tank here.  In this blog there are pics of my other Steam Tank, the "Conqueror" in metal, from year 2001 I think...  Well, this one is the oldest of all Steam Tanks ever produced by Games Workshop. I painted it with Airbrush, oils and different acrylics by brush (Citadel, Vallejo...)

I hope you like it