Saturday 31 October 2020

28mm Dutch artillery late XVII c.


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am moving to a new house, so little time to paint these days, but nevertheless I managed to finish a small gaming piece, Dutch artillery for either Franco Dutch War or League of Augsburg War (more appropiate for the latter).  The gun crew is Warfare Miniatures and the gun itself is Ebor Miniatures.

According to Bruno Mugnai's book:The Army of the United Provinces of the Netherlands 1660-1687

you can find it here:

Dutch artillery uniform, like most nationalities showed a mixture of civilian clothes and uniforms (especially from 1680' onwards). The uniform of Dutch artillery, seemed to be blue, all blue but the cuffs in "Swedish style" in red, with black hat and shoes. I painted my crew 2 in civilian clothes and 2 uniformed, but with normal cuffs and more orange than red (yes, I moved from the strictly historical uniform).

The wooden parts of the gun are painted in brick red, I read that gun carriage was in that colour, but other sources state that was in grey...  I decided to paint  in brick red. The debate on the wooden colour does not seem very important to me, since at that time it was common to use any artillery within reach, including many pieces captured from the enemy or bought from third parties.

My plan for the Dutch army (mostly for 1672) in 28mm is the following

3 cavalry squadrons (maybe a 4th with the Gardes te Paard)

3 infantry regiments

a couple of command bases

a gun base

I already have painted the artillery and a cavalry squadron, and I bought painted 2 cavalry squadrons and 2 infantry regiments,  so "just" a command base a third infantry regiment more to go!

I will do a showcase post soon with the current finished units.


Tuesday 6 October 2020

Late XVII c. Grand Alliance staff officers

 Hello guys,

I was in the mood of painting more officers of Grand Alliance era, so here you have my new command base for my Allied (Dutch, English, Spanish, Bavarian, Imperial...) army in the wars of Louis XIV...

The miniatures are from Casting Room Miniatures, I think they are part of Wargames Foundry,  but they are clearly miniatures of lesser quality than Foundry's original ranges; the miniatures are crudely sculpted (imho), short and beefy, but... I wanted this set because of the nice poses and the table with maps.

This miniature set is labelled as Marlburian/WSS or War of Spanish Succession, so they are intended for a later period than I paint and play, BUT with some changes and conversions here and there, you can make some decent late XVII miniatures with them.  I substituted their tricorns with floppy hats or broad brimmed hats, and added some shoulder ribbons to one of the officers in order to give him more flavour of the period.

The base is mdf with painted beach sand, static grass, tufts and flowers, and the miniatures painted in the usual way with successive layer triads (well not 3 but 4-5) with Vallejo and Foundry paints.

Some pics of the individuals:

I hope you like them!