Tuesday 24 May 2022

Civilian gun and militia for the siege of Gerona 1684: PART II FINAL


Hello guys,

Here is the part II and final of the civilian and milita unit for the siege of Gerona 1684.

I've added an unarmored pikeman from NorthStar 1672, turned into a gunner, painted in earthy colors, in order to give him a more civilian look. Also a Front Rank militiaman, from the "Monmouth Rebellion" range, I replaced his scythe with a halberd, to give him a more military touch. 

Front Rank late XVII c artillery man with a green stuff feather

Civilian Hero

The gabions are 3D printed, the Chevaux de Frise is from Warfare Miniatures, and the fence is resin from a Polish brand whose name I can't remember (sorry!). Regarding the gun/saker, it's a mixture of various brands... Warlord carriage, Warhammer wheels...

These defenders, although painted and modeled to "serve" in the 1684 Siege of Girona, are nevertheless generic and versatile enough to fight in any 17th century siege from 1665 onwards.

In this particular case, they will load the cannon with shrapnel, nails, stones, buttons, or coins to wreak havoc on attackers at close range, plus it can fight well in melee mode and musketry fire, making it a potent unit: entrenched, with melee and ranged attacks!

The other two guys; kneeling musketeer and soldier with plug bayonet were shown in the previous post about this unit, and they are Bicorne and Front Rank miniatures respectively.

I hope you like them!

Wednesday 18 May 2022

My 30 Years War French army so far.

 Hi friends,

This month I present to you the current state of my 30 Years War / TYW French army, an small force today, but bigger in the near future (I hope!).

 As you know, I am more orientated to later XVII century conflicts, but I still did not want to neglect my Thirty Years War forces, so in order to force myself to paint more units for this army, I took all the units for a "family photo".

If you want to see the origin of this army, you can just search in the blog the tagged words "French" or "30 years war" and you will easily find the other 3 or 4 posts about this army and its units.

Just to name the parts of the army, there are so far painted (either by me or by other painter):

-regiment of foot "Turenne"

-regiment of foot "Picardie"

-squadron of horse "Dauphin Gendarmes" 

-Army command base

-artillery piece (an ex Swedish gun, now French)

This army is primarly for Catalonia and Flanders, and I also have a painted English regiment, that can be also a Rebel pro French Catalan tercio, because Catalan also used St. George cross in red over a white background... So that unit can fight as English in Flanders with the French in mid 1650' or as Catalan in Catalonian front in 1640-52.

Appart from those previously shown, I have already in my list, semi painted or just started :

-1 more artillery piece

-regiment of foot "Lyonnais"

-squadron of horse (I have not decided which one)

-enfants perdús/forlorn hope