Tuesday 17 April 2018

Some XVII century review & comparison

Hello all!

Here I am again, this time some reviews,  Last week I received an order placed on  excellent North Star 1672 miniatures,  I already have almost all their references, but I wanted the D'Artagnan miniature they produce. The miniature itself did not look impresive in the web page, but in the flesh is much better, well sculpted and detailed. I like it a lot for my foot King's Musketeers unit.  The only thing I did not like too much is the sword, too broad Imho. Apart from that, a good officer miniature for all French armies of 1670's

The next batch were some 1672 mounted dragoons, very good miniatures, both the riders and the horses (smaller than their line cavalry counterparts). Initially, I wanted these miniatures to represent veeeery late Franco-Spanish War (1635-1658) Spanish mounted Arquebusiers, painting them with different earthy colours and using some earlier miniatures for command group.

I have not decided yet how I will use these figures... they seem suitable for mounted carabiniers or arquebusiers for Franco Spanish War, Portuguese Restoration War, War of Devolution etc., apart from their main target, 1672 Dutch war (and onwards), so as you can see, very versatile miniatures.

Here you can compare it with a superb TYW horse arquebusier from Russian manufacturer Avanpost miniatures.

Next comparison pic, you can se some metal Tercios Miniatures, next to Avanpost resin figures. the Tercios are a command group, and Avanpost some artillery crew.  in terms of detail, I must say Avanpost are superior, indeed, they are one of the best sculpted miniatures I have ever seen, and very cheap! they are not heroic 28mm miniatures, so not so well fit with Renegade or Bicorne ECW ranges but they fit well with Tercios Miniatures, Warlord Games, Perry, TAG etc. Very nice miniatures all of them.

Finally 2 musketeers, again Tercios and Avanpost. I personally dont like very much the style of digitally sculpted miniatures, but Tercios are well researched and done, BUT some of the poses are a bit stiff or "wooden"(not this one). I will use both of them together in the same army or in skirmish games.


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