Thursday 5 April 2018

Some fantasy stuff: Warhammer Empire Steam Tank

Hi again gentlemen,

I bought this model back in 2002... I was a kid or a teenager better said... I painted it back then, and it has been in a box for loooong years, until 2017.

A few months ago I decided that this tank needed a proper paintjob, so I stripped the paint  from the model. Just a couple of days swimming in turpentine and the tank was clean again!

I started with my trusty hobby knife cleaning all the mould lines (yes, I painted with all that horrible mould lines in 2002). and primed the model in black spray primer, but in parts, (hull, turret, wheels...)

I wanted to try something new for me, airbrushing metal colours from Vallejo Model Air range, and a simplified "colour modulation" technique.

With the airbrush colours aplied, then , the boring part....basecoat some colours with the brush...

Does not look bad at all at this point, but it needs some definition between colours, so then, the oil wash, funny part !

After this stage, the model was a little bit dark, so I startet the messy drybrush stage, specially the gold, and wood. Then all the details, with common techniques of basecoat, wash and highlights with the brush. and Tadaaaaaaaa finished

I hope you like it!, he is my second steam tank, the first one is the veeery old one from the nineties, I will post it too here in the blog in the future. I still have to paint the engineer, but I'm a lazy guy, and have not painted yet, you know, so many projects at the same time. I'm quite pleased with the result of this little fella anyway without the engineer and with this simple base.