Wednesday 12 December 2018

Old school Greenskins (WH/ Warhammer Quest)

Hello everyone, I am still in a "fantasy mood", I have played two games of Warhammer Quest and frankly, It was veeeeery fun, we played with the role playing rules and we liked it a lot. So I have painted some examples of Orcs and Goblins for 2 purposes; Playing  Warhammer Quest with painted miniatures, and besides, starting an Orcs & Goblins army ( 5th or 6th edition).

In the previous post you saw one of my heroes, the Wizard, and now some of the evil guys. I have used early 90' plastics, some of them included with the boxed game, but I am collecting more miniatures, metal ones from the same period.

´ere we go!

common orc boy

common goblin

Black Orc

arrer boy

night goblin archer

plastic goblin fanatic

my first ever painted orc (some years ago) Big 'Uns in metal

Non GW orc, this is a Black Tree 28mm Orc, good value and nice miniatures.

My orc "army" So far... they will become an army, I hope, and a Mordheim band too !