Monday 15 June 2020

Fantasy Village PART IV: Merchant house finished

Hello folks,

I continue painting my medieval village project for Warhammer Empire or Renaissance.




So here it is, part IV, a Merchant house, by the now defunct ( I think) Tabletop Workshop, in plastic, with a few modifications.

The building itself is quite simple, but nice, it can be enhanced with some bits here and there... I added a chimney, in plastic, from Warhammer Mannorhouse, I used also some greenstuff in order to hide the gaps of the thatched roof, and the joints of the structure, which is snap fit, so there are some ugly holes If you build the house "out of the box".   There is also a wooden crane with a small wooden structure in the right, from Games Workshop laketown house, in plastic, as well as the signal post (or whatever is called in English the wooden structure over the door) with and old Bretonnian decal of a deer.

The painting was simple too, but effective, it was painted mainly with airbrush paints by Ammo Mig and Vallejo model air.  Then gloss varnish was applied all over the model, in order to protect the acrylic paints from the oil washes that came later. Some streaks of grime,  rust, dust etc give the creamy colour some chromatic variation to break the monotony of the house.

After all that work, I drybrushed the roof, and the wooden areas, painted the details and finished!
Another quick & easy scenery model finished.

Now there is only one last house to paint and the "village" will be ready to be based, flocked, add the walls...

I hope you like it !


Friday 5 June 2020

28mm Sassanid Savaran cavalry

Hi guys,

This time I come with a heavy post, in all senses (bad joke), Sassanid heavy Savaran “knights”. The Sassanid Clibanarii armed with bows and hand weapons like maces or swords, I also have Cataphracts/Clibanarii with Kontos (very long spear) and bows but they will come in a future post, as they are not all painted.

The Aswārān (singular aswār), also spelled Asbārān and Savaran, was a cavalry force that formed the backbone of the army of the Sasanian Empire. They were provided by the aristocracy, were heavily armored, and ranged from archers to cataphracts.

I bought this miniatures second hand, unpainted, from a member of Lead Adventure Forum, some years ago. They are a mix of Armorum & Aquila miniatures with some Gripping Beast miniatures. In my opinion they are not as nice as most recent Aventine miniatures Sassanids, they are nice enough for me, and they are historically accurate, more suitable for Early Sassanid armies.

I chose bright colours, as I see this type of colours and patterns in several artworks from books and magazines, I also got inspirations from pics of painted armies like the one depicted in Warhammer "Beyond the Golden Gate" or Dr. Phil Hendry's own army.

I have 3 units or 3 bases in total,  based initially for Basic Impetus, but I also play Hail Caesar. I painted one of them in the last few days, but the other two units were painted some years ago. I took pictures of all of them yesterday.

The first one, painted in late May, 4 miniatures: 3 A&A miniatures, 1 Foundry horse, 1 Gripping beast rider and horse. By the way, the standard is Aventine Miniatures!

The second unit, painted some time ago, 3 A&A miniatures with a Gripping Beast

The Third unit, painted also some time ago, 3 A&A miniatures with a Gripping Beast

Family photo: Persian Panzers!