Tuesday 7 January 2020

Fantasy Village PART III: another house finished

Hello guys and Happy New Year!

I have finished another house for my fantasy village project, although I think I could use it for historical games too! 
The house itself is plastic, "Townhouse" from the (I guess) defunct Tabletop Workshop brand, 28mm plastic scenery houses. Is very simple, not many details, but nice enough, and inexpensive. The parts fit perfectly and I think there is no need of glue, but I used plastic glue as I don't need the interiors. 
I glued on some GW plastic bits here and there to add some personality to the house, like a candle, a little chimney and a couple of shields. Those bits add some colours and breaks the monotony.

The painting was simple too, I airbrushed the main colours, and then paint the details with a brush. After that, I applied satin varnish in order to protect the previous paintjob from the oil washes with white spirit.  I faded some dots of oil paints (different colours) to give the house a weathered look, also some pin washes and then drybrush the wood and shingles... Matt varnish and finished!

I hope you like the end result.