Friday 19 July 2019

15mm Stalingrad Panzer III

Hi all!

Sorry for this month without activity! I have been travelling for 2 weeks, in Russia... Moscow, Tula, Orel, Kursk (including Ponyri and Prokhorovka) and Volgograd (aka Stalingrad), so I have come back to my dear España in a WW2 mood... I have painted a test model of Zvezda Panzer III model for my Flames of War armies.  

I am building a small Panzer force for Stalingrad, with a dozen Panzers and some infantry and artillery. 

The rest of the panzers are mostly basecoated and highlighted with the airbrush, but a I wanted to finish a model as a test... here is the result after all the weathering part using filters, oils, pin washes, chipping paint, streaking grime with oils, dust and earth enamel washes and pigments :)

In my opinion, I have weathered it too much... In the next models I will not chip them so much. The panzer is from 14 Panzerdivision, which fought in the battle along the better known 24 Panzerdivision... It is so dirty because of the dust and mud of a destroyed city during the autumn.

What do you think ?


pd. Off topic: I put here some pics of my trip to Stalingrad!

 Grain Elevator

 Panzer III in Vadim Zadorozhny Museum
 Fountain at Stalingrad Train Station
 Univermag Department Store (Paulus HQ)
 Ruined Mill 
 Pavlov's House
 German equipment at Panorama Museum
 Red October Factory
 Volga River
 Battle damage in houses near Barrikady Factory
 Ruined HQ of Gen. Liudnikov
  Ruined HQ of Gen. Liudnikov

Paulus HQ