Tuesday 15 November 2022

28mm Church Warlord Games/Italeri

 Hello mates,

I recently bought a second hand Warlord Games Church. It is an Italeri 1/72 scale Church, sold by Warlord as a result of collaboration between Italeri and Warlord Games since the last few years.

I wanted this kit since I saw it for the first time, although is not as well detailed as resin kits from Tabletop World, it is a decent model and reasonably priced, and above all,  is perfect for  a Mediterranean Church for my WW2 Sicily project or my XVII c. battles in Spain , like my siege of Gerona 1684 project.

Its size also convinced me, because it is tall but not too big in its footprint (remember it is 1/72). I got my inspiration with smaller footprint buildings from Sidney Roundwood's blog.

By the way, I got it quite cheap and it also came already built in a second hand app in Spain, so the painting process began almost inmediately after receiving it at home!  With the church I also bought a couple of Italeri mediterranean houses, in 1/72 but perfect for 28mm , and they also came fully built although unpainted :)

I usually paint my scenery with airbrush and expensive paints and materials, but this time I wanted to try something different:

A quick'n dirty way to finish off the building in no time!

The church came built, so I primed it in grey.

1) first step was picking a wide brush and craft paints and basecoated in dark grey the stones and red the roof, although the shingles are not modelled as mediterranean shingles and look like slate plates, but anyway I wanted them red.

2) I then changed the brush and started painting individually some stone and bricks and shingles, randomly in different shades of grey or red.

3) After that, I washed the whole model in dark brown oil paint with White Spirit

4) 2 days later, I decided to paint different colors of oil dots in the the whole model, and then fading the dots with the wide brush moistened in white spirit, with vertical brush strokes.

5) 2 days later the fun began with the drybrushing stage, light grey and creamy color in all the stone parts, and light red on the roof.

6) then some static grass and matt varnish.

It was very simple and easy to do , and the result is satisfactory, although it is not an award winning piece of terrain, it does it job in the gaming table.

I hope you find it useful !

Friday 4 November 2022

Mordheim: second Reiklander Champion


Hi guys,

I don't play Mordheim since a year or so, but I want to play a game soon with friends, so my band need to be reinnforced. In tha past few years I have painted a full Reiklander warband, but I managed to get all the classic metal miniatures so I will expand the bande with these new additions.

This one is a Reiklander champion,  a "tank" in the warband, the guy in heavy armour who delivers terrible blows with his double handed weapon!

The miniature is obviously from Citadel  Mordheim range, and was painted in a mixture of Vallejo and Foundry paints.  Buff leather and Scarlet triads are some of my favourite Foundry paints. Metals with Vallejo model air, and white with Vallejo greys and white. The flesh is Vallejo "Panzer Aces" flesh base highlighted with skin or Iraqi sand.  Then gloss varnish (Ammo Mig) in the metal parts and Ultra matt varnish (Green Stuff World) on the flesh and fabrics.

I hope you like it.