Tuesday 3 April 2018

28mm Front Rank "Miquelets" PART II, unit completed!

Hi again,

Yesterday I posted the first 4 miniatures painted, and some "work in progress"... Now they are full unit, 8 skirmishers based individually for open order style, like in Warlord's Pike & Shotte, and with a movement tray for close order or others systems like "Baroque".

I tried to paint them random and with historically accurate colors, although artist's license was taken. you may notice there are Warhammer Empire militia heads here and there, and Bretonnian gear in some of them... As Front Rank miniatures ar beefy, they are more or less compatible with Warhammer bits, lucky me !

the next 4 miniatures:

Sorry for the quality of the pics! I will do more... Now some family pictures with the base completed.

I hope you like them, Regards!!