Friday, 13 April 2018

Warhammer Fortified Manor FINISHED!!

Hi guys, this time I present you the WIP and finished Warhammer Fortified Manor, now out of production. I bought it in 2014 on ebay and did not build it until this year...

I like the model, being plastic it has a lot of detail and personality BUT I don´t like at all all those skulls everywhere. I know I know, Its GW, so it needs to have skulls, but for a common building it has too many for my taste. Indeed the main reason I don´t buy GW buildings like the ruined tower or Skullvane Manse because of the insane number of skulls.

I converted slightly the building, I have eliminated almost all the skulls so it could also serve for some historical games, although its design is clearly oriented to fantasy and the Old World.

I want to use it for Mordheim or Warhammer.

The additions I made to it are some wood slats and filler or plaster to hide skulls and other fantasy designs which made the manor too cartoonish,

I Used the airbrush to paint it, using tamiya and vallejo, masking a lot... But it's still much faster than the traditional brush painting, and allowed me to give it some light modulations effects that are more complicated with a brush ...

Then, with a brush and with Vallejo paints I basecoated all the details (boring phase), painted here and there some different colours on the stones and roof tiles. I gave it an oil wash, some pin washes in order to shade some parts, then some light drybrush, earthy pigments and those little things.

then I made base and Varnished it in matt with the airbrush ... I hope you like it

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