Monday 2 April 2018

Hello there...

Hi everyone,  I start this blog, my first blog (or my first internet "serious" activity) just to share with you my works for my personal collection of wargaming miniatures or any ocasional works for other people.

My main interest is the XVII century, specially the Spanish army, but you will see French, Swedish, English or Dutch...  30 Years War, War of Devolution (yes, rare), Franco-Dutch War or League of Augsburg War and always in 28mm ! As a wargamer I touch many more eras like WWII, Late Roman Empire and its enemies, Oldhammer, Mordheim etc.

I hope to update this as frecuently as I can (or as fast as I can paint).

Please note that English is not my first lenguage so I apologize for the mistakes I will proably comit !


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