Monday 9 April 2018

Painted 28mm test models (enlarged 1/72 Tercios)

Hello guys, I have painted a pair of miniatures from my enlarged Mars 1/72 figures, now "converted" to 28mm. I painted them as the "Tercio de Sevilla" the old purples. The miniatures a poor, with an absolute lack of detail, but with a decent paintjob, they can be used as a command stand or converged grenadiers etc. They can not be mixed with other brands other than Front Rank in terms of size. Next time I will try to make them a little bit smaller.

the uniform is quite interesting... here you can see an illustration by Juan de Aragon ( here is his blog: )

the officer painted, I know, he seems very cartoonish.

Now the drummer, I like the drummer more than the officer, maybe he is better sculpted.

I think I will paint a grenadier and a standar bearer in order to make a little round command base.

I hope you like them!

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