Tuesday 31 December 2019

what have I painted this year?

Hello fellow wargamers!

This year is coming to an end soon, so it is time to make some retrospective thinking about our modelling or gaming year so I have taken notes about aaaaaaall the different projects and miniatures I have painted in 2019, some minor things are not included because little or no remarkable progress has been made, so, hopefully they will be included in 2020 list!

These have been my projects (finished and "work in progress") in 2019, please note that I paint 10 months a year, because July and August I almost no paint because of hot weather ( I live in south eastern Spain!) and holyday journeys.

-5 Warhammer Empire crew for my Empire War Wagon

-16 Tercio troops for my Tercio "Old Yellows"  Northstar 1672 Spanish

-8 Tercio troops, Front Rank late 17c.

-1 Spanish officer, Blood & Plunder

-1 Warhammer Empire Reiksguard Champion on foot

-12 Warhammer plastic Orcs from 1990's

-3 Warhammer Empire Reiksguard troopers UNFINISHED

-1 Warhammer Marauder GIANT (this was challenging!)

-1 Converted and painted Citadel Lake Town house

-1 town house of Tabletop Workshop (plastic) Work in progress these days.

-1 Warmaster 10mm  Empire Halberdiers row.

-6 Flames of War Panzers III and IV in grey for my Stalingrad Project

-Repainted my 30 Years War Sweden command base into French (with flags)

-Repainted my ECW cavalry into French (with flags)

-1 test model of new Northstar 1672 Spanish range

-1 Warhammer Quest witchhunter

-1 Mordheim Reiklander Youngblood

-3 Warhammer old plastic horses

-3 Warhammer Empire metal Pistoliers

-4 Gripping beast plastic Late Roman, converted into Funditores/Slingers

-3 plastic Warlord Games ECW musketeers (Spanish Tercios)

- a 1/700 destroyer Hatsuharu in water diorama

- a 1/72 model of KI 27 fighter for my Bolt Action Project

So it gives a total of

59  28mm foot miniatures
 3   28mm horses
 6   10mm miniatures
 6   15mm vehicles
 1   28mm GIANT
 2   28mm scenery houses
 2   scale models (ship and plane)

Not  bad, but it could be better! This 2020 I must paint more than 2019

Here you have a little summary of this year models:

Monday 30 December 2019

Air support for Bolt Action: Manchukuo's Air force Nakajima KI-27

Hi guys,

This December I have been painting WW2 stuff, I saw MIDWAY in cinema and I was in Pacific War mood...  so I painted an old pre WW2 aircraft from Imperial Japanese Air Force,  a Nakajima Ki 27 fighter, but not serving the IJA, the fighter is in colours of Manchukuo's Air Force, you know, the Japanese controlled puppet state in Manchuria.

I had a very freak idea some time ago, building a Bolt Action army featuring Manchukuo forces against Chinese and Soviets, with cavalry, tanquettes and some infantry & support weapons... But when I saw this little 1/72 model kit, I fell in love instantly and decided to build it quickly! I bought this kit this month and built/painted it in a couple of weeks.

I also ordered a Japanese cavalry officer and a Type 94 tanquette from Warlord Games, in order to expand my "army", an army which consists today in a single aircraft :P

I painted the model with airbrush and Vallejo/Ammo Mig colours,  and then weathered with oils and pigments,  simple but effective IMHO, I hope you like it!

Tuesday 10 December 2019

28mm Late Roman "Funditores" or slingers

Hello guys,

This weekend I managed to finish a "unit" of slingers, called "Funditores" in the "Notitia Dignitatum" I also tried to reproduce the shield design from the mentioned Late Roman document.

The miniatures are plastic Gripping Beast Late Roman infantry box, but with some minor conversions,  I changed the heads (but one, with the nice Panonnian hat) with other plastic kit and a metal head from the same brand,  and used the hands with slings from Dark Age warriors box set and some metal bucklers from Old Glory, very easy!

The miniatures are based for Basic Impetus,  not so many miniatures needed and a lot of fun! I also can use them for Hail Caesar. 

I painted them in a simple colour scheme, red and white,  more tabletop level than showcase, but it is fine enough for me... I have a tendency to paint faster when painting plastic miniatures than metal ones.  Anyway the sculpts are fine, some details are a bit soft, like the sword or "spatha".

Here you have the minis:

I hope you like them!

Thursday 28 November 2019

More Late Romans: Ballistarii (conversions involved!)

Hi guys,

Some time ago I wanted to include in my late Roman army a unit of ballistarii, or crossbows... As far as I know, there are not specific miniatures for the "rare" late Roman crossbows, so I needed some conversion work... How? well, I took 4 Psiloi of "Crusader Miniatures" Byzantine range, and substituted their heads them with Roman/Arthurian heads from "West Wind"... and voilà, sort of a Roman ballistarii.

I used as reference some Late Roman illustrations from several books (Osprey, Concord, etc...)

Now the miniatures, they are based for Impetus (well, Basic Impetus), but perfectly suitable for other games like Hail Caesar or any other flexible game that uses multibased miniatures (so not SAGA).

And now, just a test model for another simple conversion that I will cover in another post: Late Roman "Funditores" or slingers. I use Gripping Beast  plastics to convert these, very simple, and painted in a "fast" way.


Tuesday 12 November 2019

Warhammer Empire pistoliers

Hello fellow painters,

I have managed to finish another full unit, the famous Empire pistoliers,  that fast cavalry in the renaissance German "reiter" style. In Spain, Games Workshop brand them as "Herreruelos" a type of soldier of XVI c. very similar to these Fantasy style "reiter".  I love the sculpts by the Perry brothers, with a lot of historical feel and available a lot of years in the Warhammer catalog, until their plastic substitutes came out.

The plastic horses are not bad, but horses are (for me) tedious to paint, with a ton of thin layers in the horse flesh in order to achieve a smooth finish... I am a lazy horse painter!

the riders were easy to paint, mostly blackened armour highlighted in grey, with edge highlight in silver, the red trousers and white and blue feathers give some colour to this unit.

There are some small conversions here and there, for instance, the flag bearer is a common pistolier with a hand swap, he lost his pistol and had instead a plastic knight hand with a lance, and the flag is an original 90' White Dwarf pistolier flag!! with the colours of Middenheim.   The "leader" has a plastic head from the 6th edition foot soldier command sprue.

I hope you like this little update of my Empire Army, and soon I hope to update the blog with some late antiquity miniatures!

Some close ups: