Tuesday 12 November 2019

Warhammer Empire pistoliers

Hello fellow painters,

I have managed to finish another full unit, the famous Empire pistoliers,  that fast cavalry in the renaissance German "reiter" style. In Spain, Games Workshop brand them as "Herreruelos" a type of soldier of XVI c. very similar to these Fantasy style "reiter".  I love the sculpts by the Perry brothers, with a lot of historical feel and available a lot of years in the Warhammer catalog, until their plastic substitutes came out.

The plastic horses are not bad, but horses are (for me) tedious to paint, with a ton of thin layers in the horse flesh in order to achieve a smooth finish... I am a lazy horse painter!

the riders were easy to paint, mostly blackened armour highlighted in grey, with edge highlight in silver, the red trousers and white and blue feathers give some colour to this unit.

There are some small conversions here and there, for instance, the flag bearer is a common pistolier with a hand swap, he lost his pistol and had instead a plastic knight hand with a lance, and the flag is an original 90' White Dwarf pistolier flag!! with the colours of Middenheim.   The "leader" has a plastic head from the 6th edition foot soldier command sprue.

I hope you like this little update of my Empire Army, and soon I hope to update the blog with some late antiquity miniatures!

Some close ups:



  1. Thanks Ray! I will use a similar one for TYW Cuirassiers.

  2. More fantastic work! I particularly like the wood on the pistols.

  3. Very nicely done unit. I don't think I've seen the Pisoliers banner before. Nice!

    1. Many thanks Hendrid, yeah is very uncommon, I just saw in a very old magazine!

  4. Un trabajo inspirador. Cómo hiciste para "cortar" la cabeza sin estropear el torso?
    Tengo un grupete de herreruelos como estos de metal y quiero empezar a meterles mano, pero me gustaría hacer algún cambio para que no queden tan iguales. Un saludo

  5. Muchas gracias! pues solo cambié una cabeza y un brazo. Para no estropearlo cogi unos alicates de corte, que deja un tajo mas o menos limpio, y luego lo limé. Un saludo