Tuesday 22 May 2018

28mm Spanish Cavalry: Trozo de Milan

Hi all again

This time, a showcase post, with some history in it. A unit of 28mm late XVII century spanish Cavalry, "Trozo de Milán"  In Spain, the cavalry were organized in "trozos" (a kind of regiment) instead of "tercios" like the infantry or the cavalry outside peninsular Spain.

I used excellent Front Rank miniatures for this purpose, and the flag scanned from the book "The Spanish Armies of the League of Augsburg War".

The unit was created in 1661, under the command of Juan de Novales y Rojas. the horse companies went from Milan to Spain, disembarking in Barcelona, and then sent to Extremadura, in order to take part in the ill fated invasion of Portugal by Don. Juan Jose de Austria ( who had won important victories in Catalonia and Flanders against the French ).

Once the campaign ended, the unit was not disbanded, and several years later, was sent to Catalonia, in 1674 , were it fought bravely against the French in both wars, Franco Dutch War and League of Augsburg War. ( the uniform was the same in both, so I can use the miniatures in the 2 conflicts). After 1700 and the change from Habsburg to Bourbon, Spain kept the regiment of Milan which (through some name changes) has survived until today renamed "Grupo  Milan", a cavalry squadron.

Mordheim Scrachtbuilt ruin II

Hello friends,

Yes, another ruin made, this time I chose the very old (well from year 1999-2000) cardboard building which came with Warhammer Fantasy core game box as inspiration.  I reproduced and enlarged the different parts in some kind of styrene or cardfoam and used most of the plastic bits from it.

After building the structure, I added a base, wood sticks to the floor, texture to the walls etc. And painted in the usual way of airbrush the main colours, adding highlights with the airbrush. Then with the brush, paint on the different stones varying the monotone look of the grey.  give it a good oil wash, then some fading techniques also with oils and after that, the compulsory  drybrusing step and some pigments to add a proper dusty and dirty look of a building in the city of the damned, Mordheim.

Quite simple project, and a fast one, less than a week to complete. I know it is not my best model, but lets face it, If you want to fill a gameboard with buildings, It will take ages if you want to have an insane level of detail in all of the buildings. The next one may be a Tabletop World building, so with that piece of art, I will spent a lot of time with it.

I hope you like this little building!


Wednesday 16 May 2018

Some items for sale.

Hi all, 

I have these miniatures for sale.

If you are interested contact me in the comments below.

- 28mm Swedish "army" TYW: SOLD

-Warlord plastic WSS British foot: 60 €  SOLD

-Zvezda , OOP 1/72 Pike and musket soldiers: 15 €


- Front Rank 28mm WSS or League of Augsburg War Kings Musketeers, 6 mounted miniatures: 19 €

-Foundry 28mm late XVII century cavalry, 6 mounted miniatures: 20 euros


Monday 14 May 2018

My Mordheim warband: Reiklanders!

Hello fellow wargamers,

This time, I show you my Reikland warband. These mercenaries are not finished yet, I plan to add all the official miniatures, I have all of them in the pipeline, but they will have to wait for a while yet...

I initially painted this Warband, mostly with plastic  militia parts and an Empire Captain in metal. I painted them with Foundry paints, I ordered a few triads from them. Some are great, some are "meeeh" I really love their browns, but I always mix mid tones between the proposed colors.

After the initial warband, I added some new guys, and a couple of official Mordheim miniatures, the captain and one of the champions.

Here you have close up pics of all my Reiklanders!

The henchmen:






nº 6

nº 7

nº8 (this one was painted some years ago, is part of an Empire Archer unit of WHF)

And now some heroes,  The Captain and the Champion