Monday 14 May 2018

My Mordheim warband: Reiklanders!

Hello fellow wargamers,

This time, I show you my Reikland warband. These mercenaries are not finished yet, I plan to add all the official miniatures, I have all of them in the pipeline, but they will have to wait for a while yet...

I initially painted this Warband, mostly with plastic  militia parts and an Empire Captain in metal. I painted them with Foundry paints, I ordered a few triads from them. Some are great, some are "meeeh" I really love their browns, but I always mix mid tones between the proposed colors.

After the initial warband, I added some new guys, and a couple of official Mordheim miniatures, the captain and one of the champions.

Here you have close up pics of all my Reiklanders!

The henchmen:






nº 6

nº 7

nº8 (this one was painted some years ago, is part of an Empire Archer unit of WHF)

And now some heroes,  The Captain and the Champion