Saturday, 5 May 2018

Spanish XVII c. militia

Hello guys,

This is a project I had since I started painting late XVII century armies, I wanted a fast raised tercio or militia regiment. These soldiers represent the rural or town militia of the dangerous border with France  in Catalonia or even Flanders.

As Spaniards, they carry a flag with the Holy Virgin Mary, and a Red background. Of course is conjectural but quite realistic in my opinion. I tried to use mostly browns, beiges or greys, with a couple of uniformed men here and there, like the officer.

The minis used are a mix of ECW Warlord games militiamen, Warfare Miniatures' League of Augsburg,  Dixon's Grand Alliance... I think they combine well.

They are militia so although, oriented to 1665-1690's, I used some earlier period figures, in order to represent the old fashioned clothes of the rural folk, and some morions to give the appearance of old Spanish troops or siege troops, who usually still carried armour.

I want to combine this unit with my  Miquelets ( you can see them in earlier posts) in order to field a Militia "battalia"... I plan to add a new regiment made of the oncoming miniatures from Warfare Miniatures, you can see here a few previews:

Here you have several pics of the finished unit, fully painted and based.