Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Mordheim Scrachtbuilt ruin II

Hello friends,

Yes, another ruin made, this time I chose the very old (well from year 1999-2000) cardboard building which came with Warhammer Fantasy core game box as inspiration.  I reproduced and enlarged the different parts in some kind of styrene or cardfoam and used most of the plastic bits from it.

After building the structure, I added a base, wood sticks to the floor, texture to the walls etc. And painted in the usual way of airbrush the main colours, adding highlights with the airbrush. Then with the brush, paint on the different stones varying the monotone look of the grey.  give it a good oil wash, then some fading techniques also with oils and after that, the compulsory  drybrusing step and some pigments to add a proper dusty and dirty look of a building in the city of the damned, Mordheim.

Quite simple project, and a fast one, less than a week to complete. I know it is not my best model, but lets face it, If you want to fill a gameboard with buildings, It will take ages if you want to have an insane level of detail in all of the buildings. The next one may be a Tabletop World building, so with that piece of art, I will spent a lot of time with it.

I hope you like this little building!


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