Thursday 2 August 2018

Bolt Action Normandy! German support and Marder

Hi again guys,

Yesterday, I finished painting a 7.5 cmm Pak 40 auf Geschutzwagen 39 (f)... but we will call him Marder from now on haha,  Marder with Pak 40 on an old French tank chasis, the little Hotchkiss H39.  The model itself is Madbob models, a brand who produces uncommon vehicles, like this conversion or Hungarian tanks.  The quality is average, it came only in 2 parts; the gun and the whole chasis with tracks, so i very simplistic design in my opinion, you can choose If you want to use the 105 mm gun or the 75mm. I chose the latter.

I just added a plastic MG 34 and camo net as a "conversion"  The model was painted with AMMO MIG acrilic paints. It is the first time I use them and I am happy with their performance. I have been using Tamiya paints for years... but now I will combine both ranges. I was painted with airbrush, trying to modulate to lights, masking the different camouflages with "Panzer Putty", then I airbrushed satin varnish, put the decals, more varnish and the funny part: Weathering! 
filters, oil fading, pin washes, streaking grime, chipping, dust washes, pigments... you now.

I painted as a tank destroyer of the 21 Panzerdivision in Normandy in June 1944.

and this is the result:

Apart from this little "tank" for Bolt Action I want to show you some support units I painted for my German army in 28mm a few months ago:

MG42 team, 81mm mortar and Pak 40 with crew.

the mortar is from Crusader miniatures ( I believe they are dressed for early war, but I don´t care). MG42 and Pak 42 are from Warlord Games, I really like the sculpts, although the Pak 40 barrel is way to big for my taste... It seems more 88mm than 75mm.

MG 42 team:

Mortar 81mm

Finally, Pak 40 and crew

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Dismounted French dragoons 1672...

Hello again and happy sumer to all,

This week a little update... some dismounted French dragoons, from Northstar 1672 range, although, the officer is Front Rank WSS range. The Standard bearer is a conversion from the dragoon horse holder, with a plastic cavalry guidon's stick.  The flag itself is "Adolfo Ramos Flags" from regiment "Dragons du Roi".

I like to base my dragoons in skirmish order, not in multiple bases like my common infantry and cavalry, moreover, I can use them in other skirmish games like Donnybrook or Encamisada.

I painted the miniatures with Vallejo, Citadel and Foundry Paints. The blue is from Foundry and I am very happy with its result, other Foundry paints are less covering, but this blue (amongs others) is fantastic.

I hope you like these late XVII c. French dragoons.