Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Dismounted French dragoons 1672...

Hello again and happy sumer to all,

This week a little update... some dismounted French dragoons, from Northstar 1672 range, although, the officer is Front Rank WSS range. The Standard bearer is a conversion from the dragoon horse holder, with a plastic cavalry guidon's stick.  The flag itself is "Adolfo Ramos Flags" from regiment "Dragons du Roi".

I like to base my dragoons in skirmish order, not in multiple bases like my common infantry and cavalry, moreover, I can use them in other skirmish games like Donnybrook or Encamisada.

I painted the miniatures with Vallejo, Citadel and Foundry Paints. The blue is from Foundry and I am very happy with its result, other Foundry paints are less covering, but this blue (amongs others) is fantastic.

I hope you like these late XVII c. French dragoons.