Monday, 16 July 2018

28mm French mortar, late XVII c.

Hi again and happy summer,

I present to you a French mortar for the League of Augsburg war, (and Franco Dutch war too!). In fact, this little project was a mixture of spare parts: some Warfare Miniatures artillery crew, an old Hovels 28mm artillery position, made of resin, and parts of Warhammer Empire cannon, converted into a renaissance mortar.

I painted the miniature in French artillery uniform of the period, light grey, red and blue, and the mortar wood in red, then I covered the ground of the base in sand, because I simply don´t like the textured sand sculpted on it, some static grass and a pair of details and Voilà,  a little diorama base finished. Quick project indeed, and now I have 3 French artillery pieces for this period, now they can pummel the Spanish and Dutch fortifications freely (as they did with the "terror bombing" of Brussels in 1695). I was in "La Grand Place" last week and saw the reconstructed buildings, most houses are post 1695.

Enough words, now the pics of the mortar itself :)

I know, quite a few pics for just one "unit" I hope you like it !

By the way, in La Grand Place of Brussels, you can find some old traces of the period mentioned here, and the Spanish rule:

Charles II of Spain

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  1. Superb. I particularly like the different ways yu have painted wood - the weathered planking compared with the lovely (ammunition ?) chest. Fantastic stuff. You have a real talent.