Monday 17 June 2019

Marauder's GIANT: Warhammer Monster

Hello guys,

After  month of painting, I have just finished (yesterday!) the mighty Marauder's Warhammer or Oldhammer Giant! I bought him second hand a couple of months ago, and I could not resist start painting him in that very moment.

This miniature is from 1990, and despite its age, is a real gem, is my favourite Warhammer Giant of all time, and will be the centerpiece of my Orcs & Goblins army, or an independent monster to fight with in Warhammer Quest or similar.

In order to paint it, I opted for a classic paintjob, very "Oldhammer"

The way for painting it was the usual;

clean all the metal parts, build the miniature partially, in order to paint it easier than full built,
prime it in grey

then I airbrushed the skin, using citadel Bugsman Glow, and the mixing each time more Vallejo Panzer Aces Flesh, and Iraqi Sand, then a light wash of Reikland Flesh Shade... and repeat the lights in several seeeeveral thin coats of highlights with brush...

Next steps were very straight forward; just basecoat, and highlight each color, it was not as fun because it was very time consuming due to all the different colours of the fabric of the clothes, and all the details.

After the all the details were painted, I attached the right arm and the wooden barrel, after painting them with all that wood grain, time consuming technique, but I think it well worths the effort. I also added a couple of decals and painted over them.

And then I airbrushed matt varnish and then brushed on gloss varnish in metal areas and glass (bottles), then base him with beach sand, tufts and static grass... Here you have the finished product:


Tuesday 11 June 2019

28mm Dutch Gardes du Corps, late XVII c.

Hello there guys ! 

Today I update my blog with some old stuff... I took some pics last weekend of my "Gardes Van Zijne Majesteit" a Dutch troop of horse designated Garde du Corps van Zijne Majesteit (His Majesty's Life Guards), placed on the English establishment in 1689, ranked as the 4th Troop of Life Guards, and returned to Dutch service in 1699. The unit fought in Flanders during the Nine Years War.

I had some Wargames Foundry out there and decided to depict them as Dutch Gardes du Corps, inspired by the pics of Mr. Barry Hilton in his web page;

As these were painted some years ago, the paintjob is not as good as it would be today, but still nice enough to post it here. And the miniatures despite being Perry sculpted, are very "Hobbit" style for my taste, too small, I have to say I much prefer the Front Rank sculpts than these earlier and smaller figures.
I wanted to have some allies to my Spanish Army of Flanders, I will add some Imperial, Dutch or Bavarian regiments to fight either in the Franco-Dutch War or League Of Augsburg War :) 

Friday 7 June 2019

Fantasy Village PART II: house finished

Hello guys,

Today a quick update of my village project... I have just finished a 28mm house. It is Games Workshop "The Hobbit" laketown house, slightly converted with filla, and a chimney added to add more medieval or renaissance flavour.

I built it, added the filler or stucco and then primed it black. Then I airbrushed in grey blue the roof, and different shades of brown for the rest of the structure, after that, I sealed the job with satin varnish, then the oil washes, oil faded dots of color in the roof for sone tone variation... 2 days later drybrush everything in its colours, some details and voilà, Quick and Easy house finished!

I think it looks nice enough for a big base with multiple buildings. Now 4 more to go!

Thanks for watching!