Monday 14 October 2019

My Warhammer Empire army so far

Hello guys!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts of this blog, I have been working for a few years in a personal project that made me very excited when I was a child; a painted Empire army of the 90s, with all that "landsknecht" and multicolored look. Thanks to Ebay and other second-hand platforms, I have been able to buy almost all the miniatures I wanted, and in recent times I have been painting an imperial force in order to play Warhammer, or better said, Oldhammer.

What you can see painted in the photo is what is painted to this day, I have other units in process, and other painted units that are NOT in the photo and that I will upload on another occasion:

so excluded in the photos are 
- painted Imperial plastic archers.
- painted Imperial plastic militia mixed with Mordheim figures.

In the photos you can see

- Karl Franz on griffon
- Grand Master of the Knights Panther
- Imperial sorcerer
- 10 halberdiers with command group (10 more to be painted)
- 10 crossbowmen with command group (two more to be painted)
- Grand Cannon with crew
- Hellblaster volley gun with crew
- 7 Reiksguard on foot with command group (3 more to be painted)
- Steam tank
- Empire War Wagon

what a heavy ball...

Mmm... Leonardo of Miragliano??

To the previous forces I have in the pipeline , to be added when they are painted (all metal)
-5 Panther Knights
-5 pistoliers
-10 handgunners
- another halberdier unit
-10 lancers with shield
- swordsman unit
-Halfling unit and hot pot!!!

As you can see, I still have work ahead... 


Tuesday 1 October 2019

Warhammer Quest: Witch Hunter & Heroes

Hi guys!

After painting the Warhammer Giant, just before the summer, my mood turned into a more "historical"manner. This changed last weekend, I had a miniature laying around during months, and I really wanted to paint it but never find the right moment, until now ;)   Warhammer Quest Witch Hunter, a fantasy XVIIc. style miniature, with a lot of detail and crisp details. It has been a joy to paint, and I'm pleased with the final result.  I used mostly Foundry paint triads, Vallejo model color, some Citadel paints ( I tend to use lesser and lesser Citadel paints, due to their tendency  to dry in the pot...) then I applied matt varnish from Ammo Mig and Voilà!

I will use this guy, apart from Warhammer Quest heroe, as a hero for my Oldhammer Empire army, and my future Mordheim  Witch Hunter warband :)

And I found out a couple of Heroes painted last year but not yet photographed and uploaded here, so sorry for this, here they come, my Dwarf hero and Barbarian!

The Dwarf iron breaker is from Warhammer Quest core set (1995!) in plastic, a nice little miniature that painted up quite nicely.

And regarding the Barbarian, I simply did not like at all the Barbarian included in the core game... I may paint it in the future, but for gaming purposes, I painted a different Barbarian, a guy from the mountains of Norsca, similar to the Barbarian featured in Warhammer Quest pc game (or IOS game), with more agressive and mature look. I tried to paint some TMM (true metallic metal) In the sword, but, as you can see, I am very far from master that technique haha, I am not very used to paint with those fancy styles, but sometimes I like to try "new" things. I hope you like it!