Friday 10 April 2020

Pike & Shotte: battle report

Hello guys,

These days I am playing battles with my father using the rules "Pike & Shotte" from Warlord Games, I tested these rules some years ago and played a few games with them, with good results :)
I find them easy to learn, fast and flexible enough to be used both for Thirty Years War and late XVII c. conflicts like the Franco Dutch War and League of Augsburg War.

There are some fan made rules out there, and probably I will make my own army list for Spanish very soon. This time, we used these   for French, and I modified slightly the Dutch one (Franco Dutch War) to represent my Spanish.

The first game we played was a fictional encounter  between two small armies: French and Spanish.

 French side view

Spanish view

general overview 

My father, who is a true patriot, refused to play the French side, so I played the French Army, and my father the  Spanish army.

The game is set during the first stages of the Franco Dutch War, When Spain joined the Dutch Republic in its desperate defense against French aggressors.  In 1673 The French Army in Rousillon was not very numerous, although it was well led by the talented  Duke of Schomberg. By 1674, The Spaniards, led by Duke of San German, attacked France from the South, in order to reduce the pressure of the Dutch front, and San German took the fortress of Bellegarde and routed the French in Battle of Maureillas/Morellás the same year.

Our game is in 1674 in Rousillon where the 2 armies met in a prairie.

the order of battle is :

Spanish army:

 CiC Duke of San German

Tercio Amarillos Viejos
Tercio Morados Viejos
Tercio Catalan del Consell

Cavalry Squadrons of:
Trozo de Extremadura
Cuirassiers of Count of Lumiares

1 medium gun

French Army:

CiC Duke of Schomberg

Regiment de Foix
Regiment de La Sarre
Regiment Picardie

cavalry squadrons of:
Cuirassiers de Roi
Royal des Carabiniers

1 medium gun

Both armies started from the edges of the table,  and tried to advance with infantry in the middle, and the cavalry in their flanks, while the artillery aimed the center of the enemy front...

But dice decided that most of my French army did not move in the first turn because of not passing the command test, So the Spanish made a sweep advance towards the middle of the table.

Luckly for me.. eeem for the French, my artillery scored a hit that disordered the Tercio of Amarillos Viejos, and my infantry was able to cover behind a small wall of a wheat field.


thought my French infantry was safe behind that small wall , and the wheat field is considered difficult terrain, so If the Spanish wanted to cross it, they would advance at half pace, so the dice allowed me to fire some shots at the advencing enemy.

In the next turn, the Spanish had a lot of luck with the dice in the command phase, so the Trozo of Extremadura cavalry made 3 full movements of 9 inches in order to charge my French infantry regiment in the flank... and they succeded.

The cavalry charge against the flank was terrible, the French regiment was unble to hold its ground, the fire had disorder the unit and the pike company bonus of the regiment did not apply when charged on flanks, so after a brief combat, the unit was destroyed.

But the French had time to laund a cavarly charge on the flank of the Spanish cavalry while they were engaged with the ill fated French regiment La Sarre.

This time victory was for the French, in the melee phase, Cuirassiers du Roi inflicted heavy casualities to the Spanish cavalry, and retired a full move, While Regiment de Foix  shot the remant of Trozo de Extremadura until it dissintegrated by the concentrated musketry fire.

In the next turn, both armies rushed to close the gaps left by the destruction of the French infantry regiment and the Spanish cavalry squadron respectively

Meanwhile, on the left wing of the battle, Spanish and French cavalry charged and counter charged each other during a couple of turns, with the Spanish having the upper hand in the melee, 

And the battle was decided in the center, where 2 French regiments engaged 2 Spanish tercios:
The French had the advantage, as one of the tercios (the middle one) had 3 casualities and was disordered by artillery and musket fire, and the French unit in front of them where fresh and undamaged, 


I ordered my 2 French regiments to advance and shoot at close range, after that charge the enemy in order to engage them in a melee with advantages.    Spanish responded with closing fire at the charging enemy, but as they were all disordered, they had penalties at shooting, so the charge was a complete success for the French, eventually both Spanish tercios would be destroyed in the next turn...

On the right flank, Tercio Amarillos Viejos and the Spanish artillery, shot heavily on my Cuirassiers du Roi, until the French, damaged and disordered, had to retire backwards...

the Cuirassiers were now far from danger, almost in their starting position...

As I said, in this turn, the battle ended, there were 3 unit destroyed: 2 Spanish and  1 French:
On the left front, The Spanish cuirassiers finally managed to destroy my Royal Carabiniers cavalry, next to the 2 cottages... but the Spanish tercios were destroyed too, the first one, on the left, Morados Viejos lost a melee round, and in its break test, they had to move backwards a full move, but they were in front of a house, so unable to move back, so... destroyed, and the other tercio, was shaken and disorderd when my French infantry charged them, in the left of the wheat field, so they were destroyed too. 

After loosing more than half of their infantry, the Spanish had to retire from battle, and look for the protection of a better defended area, where the next battle will be fought, I will post it here too!

I hope you like this little battle report, Cheers!!


  1. Fantastic little battle. You defeated your father and the Spanish army - no Easter eggs for you!

    1. Hahahahahaha you are right, many thanks mate;)

  2. Great report, splendid terrain and minis and a A tight fight...Superb!

  3. Stunningly beautiful - great AAR, lovely figures and terrain, bravo. Inspiring!

  4. p.s. The first three 3 photos have not uploaded and are showing greyed out.

    1. Many thanks! I have just re uploaded them :) I am glad you like the minis and battle


    2. Jose I do. You have an incredible talent and your blog is inspirational! May I ask, what size are your bases what the measurements for the foot, cavalry and artillery and command stands? Thank you :)

    3. Many thanks for your kind words! the infantry is based in 4 bases of 4cm x 4cm , my cavalry in bases of 5cm x 5cm but I am afraid I dont remember the size of the cavalry, and regarding the command bases, they vary in size, depending on the vignette, you can find those big oval bases in plastic, they are Renedra plastic.


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  6. Hiho,

    thank you for Posting.

    A List for Spain in the Franco-Dutch War 1672-1678 has been released Today!

    1. Many thanks mate! I will give your list a try :)

      Best regards