Wednesday 22 April 2020

More scenery: 28mm plastic Barn

Hello again!

Here you have a very quick & easy project; Renedra's plastic Barn. 

This little piece of scenery is very easy to clean and build, and of course, to paint. I just primed it in Panzer grey, Ammo Mig spray can, after that, I airbrushed only two colours, blue-grey in the roof, for a slightly fantasy look (you know, blue shingles=medieval fantasy) and chocolate brown for all the wooden planks.

After that, I tried a new (for me) technique; to apply several citadel washes to modify the tone of some shingles and wooden planks all over the barn, painting with the ink here and there, to break the monotony, and make the model more interesting. 

next step was airbrushing gloss varnish all over the barn, and give the model some oil washes and oil fading as follows.

I painted several dots of white, yellow, browns tones in the roof, with Ammo Mig Oilbrushers, a very interesting tool for me, much better than using old oil tubes (they have a tendency to get stuck). And a general dark brown wash in the brown part of the barn, and then leave it to dry 48h. 

The funny and easy part wash the drybrushing step,  beige for the brown and light grey for the blue roof... It really gives life to the building, highlighting all the parts in a quick and effective way.

The final part was painting the metal details a giving them a black and an orange wash to give it the sensation of rust,  some green moss in the roof ( Just to give it some green touches) and Voilá, matt varnish and finished.

Actual painting time, a couple of hourse at most... It will not win a painting competition, but is nice enough for me, and it fulfills its role :)

I have not made a base for it, because I don't know yet if I will field the Barn alone or as part of a larger farm... so, for now, without base, If I made a large one, with it, I will show it here.



  1. Very nice Jose...
    All that texturing with the washes and oils certainly adds a lot mor interest and depth to what is quite a simple model.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Many thanks Aly, that’s true, it is a basic model, and it needed extra effort to look good.

      Saludos !

  2. Splendid barn, nice details!

  3. I love the colouring of the wood- really nice!