Tuesday 11 June 2019

28mm Dutch Gardes du Corps, late XVII c.

Hello there guys ! 

Today I update my blog with some old stuff... I took some pics last weekend of my "Gardes Van Zijne Majesteit" a Dutch troop of horse designated Garde du Corps van Zijne Majesteit (His Majesty's Life Guards), placed on the English establishment in 1689, ranked as the 4th Troop of Life Guards, and returned to Dutch service in 1699. The unit fought in Flanders during the Nine Years War.

I had some Wargames Foundry out there and decided to depict them as Dutch Gardes du Corps, inspired by the pics of Mr. Barry Hilton in his web page;

As these were painted some years ago, the paintjob is not as good as it would be today, but still nice enough to post it here. And the miniatures despite being Perry sculpted, are very "Hobbit" style for my taste, too small, I have to say I much prefer the Front Rank sculpts than these earlier and smaller figures.
I wanted to have some allies to my Spanish Army of Flanders, I will add some Imperial, Dutch or Bavarian regiments to fight either in the Franco-Dutch War or League Of Augsburg War :)