Wednesday 4 April 2018

Revolution is here...3D Scanning and printing miniatures !!

Hello all, today I bring a very special topic ... scanning and 3d printing miniatures!!!
For me, this is the greatest discovery in my history as a wargamer.

A few months ago, a friend of the hobby, who is a dentist, told me that he has a  (veeeeeeery expensive) 3D scanner in his clinic, designed to scan and model teeth, in order to print them using a good quality 3D printer.
Well, he thought it would be easy to do the same with a miniature, 

Next step...I suggested the possibility of scanning miniatures and then modifying them on the computer, its size, and we tested it with 1/72 miniatures, with an equally satisfactory result.
Here you have the only plastic miniatures in the market of later XVII c. Spanish, by Mars.

 The only thing is that they lose some quality, having a lesser quality sculpting than any 28mm miniature...
I will try to paint them properly in order to "camouflage" their lack of detail. so that I can add any miniature to units made up from conventional 28mm miniatures.

I must say that all this is absolutely legal in Spain, provided it is for private use. What is illegal is to use this technology to violate intellectual and industrial property rights and above all to profit from illegal copies.

all primed black now.


I repeat again that the purpose of this experiment is simply to test this technology (new for me), and to modify the size of miniatures or to convert them for private and personal purposes. NEVER to make copies and distribute them or stop buying from my favourite manufacturers. I feel a deep respect for the companies that risk their money to provide us their fantastic miniatures.



  1. primed miniatures in grey are better for scanning in that dental scanner. I will print some of your minis next week.

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  3. Which 3d models you try and print its really great and awesome specially black models.