Monday, 2 April 2018

Miniatures for late XVII century Spaniards

Hello guys,  my interest in the late XVII century Spanish tercios started some years ago (more or less in 2013) When I saw for the first time some publicity of Barry Hilton's Warfare Miniatures and ex Copplestone Northstar 1672... Until that time, I preferred the 30 years war, as a Spaniard I chose the Spanish army, although it was much less powerful than in the previous decades of the century.

I discovered there were not proper Spanish miniatures, except for the short lived "Phoenix Miniatures" XVII Spanish range, which was more or less part of Northstar 1672, but that range was not complete and now abandoned. Thank God I was able to buy enough miniatures for my army.

Those miniatures are suitable roughly from the War of the Devolution 1667-68, until the League of Augsburg War,  but there were not enough poses or officers or even cavalry, so last year I started building a mini range just for my personal collection, sculpting (not me!) some miniatures to add variety to my regiments.

The following illustration, by Jose Maria Bueno, shows some examples of the characteristic Spanish uniform of the time, infantry and different types of cavalry.

You can se the front lapels of the justacorps, you can easily sculpt them on Northstar 1672 miniatures or even Dixons Miniatures Grand Alliance Range or some Front Rank miniatures...

Now some expamples of the sculpted miniatures, nowadays I have some examples casted in metal.

 Caballo Coraza or Cuirassier, until mid 1680' the cavalry used cuirasses. The horse is Northstar 1672

                                                          Armoured pikeman

                                                           Foot dragoon

comparison pic. Left to Right, Warfare Miniatures, Phoenix Miniatures, Northstar 1672, mine, mine, Northstar 1672, Dixon Miniatures and Front Rank, all 28mm

Spanish officer, Ceuta (North Africa) 1668, by Jose Maria Bueno.

I hope you like them, next time, some painted examples and some other ideas of reproduce Spanish uniforms.


  1. Liking the miniatures you have commissioned and looking forward to seeing them painted

    1. Thanks!! this week I will update with some minis painted.