Friday 4 November 2022

Mordheim: second Reiklander Champion


Hi guys,

I don't play Mordheim since a year or so, but I want to play a game soon with friends, so my band need to be reinnforced. In tha past few years I have painted a full Reiklander warband, but I managed to get all the classic metal miniatures so I will expand the bande with these new additions.

This one is a Reiklander champion,  a "tank" in the warband, the guy in heavy armour who delivers terrible blows with his double handed weapon!

The miniature is obviously from Citadel  Mordheim range, and was painted in a mixture of Vallejo and Foundry paints.  Buff leather and Scarlet triads are some of my favourite Foundry paints. Metals with Vallejo model air, and white with Vallejo greys and white. The flesh is Vallejo "Panzer Aces" flesh base highlighted with skin or Iraqi sand.  Then gloss varnish (Ammo Mig) in the metal parts and Ultra matt varnish (Green Stuff World) on the flesh and fabrics.

I hope you like it.


  1. That Foundry triad does produce a beautiful red- great work.

    1. Thanks! My only complaint is the price of the paints and the taxes from UK to EU :(

  2. Lovely work on a classic miniature Jose…

    All the best. Aly

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