Friday, 30 November 2018

Warhammer Empire update!

Hello guys,

I bring here some updates from my Empire army, I have been busy painting some fantasy stuff, and I managed to finish half regiment of Reiksguard foot knights, the other half is just primed in black, including command. I also painted a Grey Wizard from Warhammer Quest, who will be used as my battle wizard in my Empire force. Apart from that, nowadays I am building the Empire War Wagon, but its crew is in bare metal yet... so no War Wagon pics for now.  

And the Reiksguard!

5 finished, 5 more to go ! The shiny armour was airbrushed, and then washed, and finally highlighted with brush. And the shields were painted with airbrush, then satin varnished, I used old Citadel  Undead skull decals, I painted over the decals and added some letters inside the painted parchments (I am a really bad free hand design painter...).

I want to include a veeeeery old Steam Tank here.  In this blog there are pics of my other Steam Tank, the "Conqueror" in metal, from year 2001 I think...  Well, this one is the oldest of all Steam Tanks ever produced by Games Workshop. I painted it with Airbrush, oils and different acrylics by brush (Citadel, Vallejo...)

I hope you like it