Monday 26 November 2018

Late Roman Watchtower

Hello again guys,

Almost a month since my last post... I will update the blog soon with some historics and Warhammer minis from these past few weeks. But this time a Western Roman Empire Watchtower from Grand Manner. I painted it a year ago, and I am quite pleased with the finished result and of course with the quality of the resin of this manufacturer... its pricey, even more when you order outside the UK, but well, it worths it 
It may be a center piece for any late antiquity or Dark Age gaming table, Saga or Impetus or Hail Caesar

I painted with Tamiya paints with my airbrush, the basecoat and highlights, after the airbursh work I used Vallejo and Citadel to paint all the details before the washes with oil paints, fading the colours and making some streaking grime in vertical surfaces.

After that, all the drybrush process, different shades of greys and beiges in the stones and shingles in the roof, and all the details highlighted.

Hope you like it !

work in progress