Monday, 29 October 2018

28mm Spanish Dragoons, 30 Years War.

 Hello Gentlemen, 

I present you dismounted Spanish dragoons, painted some time ago. The unit is Tercio de Dragones of D. Pedro de Santacilia, the first peninsular regiment of dragoons sent to the Army of Cardinal Infante in Germany, during the Thirty Years War.. These would have been present in battle of Nordlingen in 1634, where the Spanish and Imperial armies triumphed over the Swedish-Protestant army of Gustav Horn and Saxe Weimar.

The miniatures are excellent Bicorne ECW range in 28mm but there is a single Horcata Miniatures foot dragoon too. I tried to spend a good amount of time on each figure, because they are based individually (Dragoons in those times fought in skirmish order,, although not always). I use them for large battles, but due to the individual bases, I can use them in skirmish games like "Encamisada" from Liber Militum Tercios. 

The full unit, based and ready to fight ! The banner is a red guidon, typical of Spanish cavalry and Dragoons, with Catholic iconography and a Burgundian Cross of Saint Andrew.

the "Capitán"



some more pics of the dragoons

I hope you like them!! 



  1. Very nice!
    What colours did you use on those " brownish" 3 miniatures. The Officer, flagcarrier och the kneel musketers?

    Im trying my self to find good colour range like that for my own 30-years war minis.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment, I start basecoating in Vallejo khaki or Beige Brown, and then I add Vallejo Buff or Iraqui sand in 3 to 5 additional coats.

  2. What colors did you use for the Capitan's red coat and his skin?