Tuesday 23 October 2018

Sassanid Iranian horse archers for Impetus

Hello friends,

Now I bring you some more Late Antiquity miniatures, cavalry of Sassanid Persia. I already have a Sassanid army, base for Basic Impetus, and I needed light cavalry, apart from all those fancy cataphracts. 

The miniatures themselves are from Gripping Beast (riders) and Aventine (horses). I like the sculpts a lot, (much more than Gripping Beast's plastics...)  The colours I used are completely concjetural... like most Sassanid colours depicted in several illustrations out there. For the base, I wanted a more desertic look than my usual bases, although, I made a mistake and you can notice the horse base just under the sun, but I do not mind at all.

The unit is very versatile, because I can use them in their Sassanid army, but also could serve as mercenaries or eastern foederati in late Roman or Byzantine armies, specially in Belisarius army, who used Sassanid cavalry in the war against the Ostrogoths in Italy.

I hope you like this little update.


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