Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tercio "abanderado" (or flag bearer)

Hello again friends,

Today I bring you a single figure, a "heroic" 28 or 32 mm flag bearer,  the miniature is " Don Pedro" from Spanish brand "Tercio Creativo",  here you can see some of their miniatures: http://www.terciocreativo.com/tienda/index.php/1650/nuevo-orden-c-22_1?page=4&sort=5a&osCsid=b54ea1061096162f63d82d4a5a5c98a4

Although I don´t play their fantasy skirmish game (set in an alternate XVII c. world) some of their miniatures are suitable for historical games. 

I bought the standard bearer for my 30 years war army, or for later conflicts maybe 1650-1660...or even later as a militia unit flag bearer. It is based individually, so I can use him for games like "Encamisada", "Donnybrook" etc.

It is a big miniature, but does not look out of place in comparison with other historical brands of 28mm figures, because is a big (fat) man, with a large cloak, so the difference in size is justified.

I tried to use a brownish and greyish palette to paint him,  using different shades of browns, typical of the period (unless you were rich!), and the white flag with red Burgundian Cross, so Spanish, you can not use this miniature for other nations unless you cut the flag pole, but I do not recommend...

I hope you like it.