Wednesday 30 January 2019

Warhammer Empire War Wagon!!

Hello again!

It has been 5 years since  I bought this miniature on eBay... 2013, and now I have decided to paint  here  the imperial war wagon. One of my favorite miniatures of all times, sculpted by the Perry twins in the early 90s. A heavy piece of metal full of details, I run away from it until this November, and  finished it yesterday. 

I painted in GW paints, Vallejo and Foundry. In order to paint the horses and the structure of the chariot, I used an airbrush, to modulate the red and yellow highlights.

Painting the engineers was time consuming, because of the "landsknecht" uniform, with so many  bright colours, as well as the wood grain of the black wood structure. 

I used old GW Bretonnian decals on the horse barding, and the flags are printed from the internet, but are the same included in the original box set.

I am very pleased with the finish result, because it has old the flavour of Oldhammer, and will be the centerpiece of my army from now on. 

Here you see the finished model:

I hope you enjoy it.